Company Introduction

Travel Visas For International Travelers

At SimpleVisa, we guide and help worldwide passengers to prepare their global travel. Whether for a student visa, an au pair visa or a business/tourist visa, we can help you.
Since 2013, we have helped over 500,000 travelers worldwide.

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+44 20 3575 1565


Mazlabs SAS
25 Rue Marcel Issartier
33700, Mérignac

Service Introduction

We offer travel visas and sanitary documentation management for airlines, travel agencies, companies, students.

Our management services allow any company to oversee a group of traveller's travel documents and assign applications to passengers, employees, students, etc. while keeping each passenger personal information safe.

Our immigration services include consulting to find the best visa for a trip, gathering of documentation, translation, finding dates and booking embassies interviews, verification of application's data.

We support all citizenship travelling to all destinations for business & tourism, and we also provide student visa services to the United States (B1/B2, J1, F1, etc.), Europe and Australia.