SimpleVisa Product


Create - Process and Provide travel documents in minutes directly from your platform!

Developer Friendly

Thanks to our JSON-based RESTful API, any developer can immediately start implementing the product without any loss of time.

Highly Secured

Bank level encryption ensures the utmost data security.

Fully Customizable

Integrate the API within your booking flow and maintain full control over User Experience and Pricing.


Check that a traveler has a current and valid e-visa for his destination from passport data or applications numbers. Check rates and eligibility.


Generate electronic visas thanks to information gathered and processed by the API.


Provide travel authorization to passenger via email in a matter of minutes.

1.2 sec

Average time to retrieve a visa


New visas processed to date


Average time to create a visa


Applications approved

Airline case study

SimpleVisa is aiming to serve the most prominent companies in the airline industry.


When integrating the SimpleVisa API within their booking flow Airlines have the ability to become a one stop shop for travelers.


By offering this mandatory requirement as an add on containing an incremental charge or integrated in a package the solution will directly increase the Airlines revenue and/or improve client retention and overall satisfaction.


As a validation sign of its ambition to serve the most prominent players in the industry SimpleVisa has recently secured a strategic partnership with Amadeus one of the largest Global Distribution Service in the world.