5 Exciting Startups to Watch at Aviation Festival Asia 2023

5 Exciting Startups to Watch at Aviation Festival Asia!

Discover the Next Big Thing in Asia’s Aviation Industry

SimpleVisa highlighted by Aviation Festival Asia 2023 !

It’s always a thrill to return to a place you once called home, especially when there’s so much to look forward to. And for me, there’s no better occasion than the return of Asia’s Aviation Festival, held in Singapore! This is a place where east meets west, and where the world comes together in a true global hub that’s brimming with cuisines, shopping options, job opportunities, and more.

What is Aviation Festival Asia Singapore ?

For those who don’t know, Aviation Festival Asia is one of the most important aviation technology conferences and exhibitions in the region. This event brings together leaders from the world’s airlines, airports, and other senior executives in charge of software, services, sustainability, marketing, and distribution. The goal is to develop business partnerships in the Asia region, and I’m honoured to be a part of it.

As a startup, it’s always exciting to be recognised as one of the top 5 to look out for at Asia’s Aviation Festival. As the CEO of SimpleVisa I am proud to be introducing SimpleVisa, a platform that streamlines the visa process for travellers by informing, processing, and storing visas. We believe in providing a smooth and secure user experience, and our implementation is seamless, resulting in increased conversion and revenue for travel vendors.

Innovative startups to watch

Alongside SimpleVisa, there are other innovative startups like bagchain, which is a travel communication platform and leading mobile baggage check-in provider. There’s E23, with its mission to simplify the airport shopping experience, and Inovat, a digital VAT refund solution that helps travellers save more than 20% in tax refunds without any paperwork. Lastly, there’s Travelsist, which works with airport and airline leaders to redefine passenger services and save money in the process.

The Aviation Festival Asia is a platform for start-ups to get noticed and for industry players to forge business partnerships in the Asia region. It’s a place to network with like-minded people, learn about the latest trends, and get feedback on your product and services. For me, this festival is not just about SimpleVisa, but it’s an opportunity to be inspired by the people and ideas that are shaping the future of the aviation industry.  I’m counting down the days, and I can’t wait to share my story with you.